We made multiple desserts for our Christmas feast with our dear friends Steff & Ken, since Ryan couldn’t decide which of these two cakes he wanted to make (I know, it’s a hard life we live when we MUST make 3 desserts instead of 1…don’t you feel sorry for us?Continue Reading

Happy Sweetest Day & happy Boss’s Day! In the spirit of Sweetest Day, here are some sweet flowers that Lisa Waud from Pot & Box arranged for events we had at the Ross School this week & some sweets we served at our events…

I was inspired to bake something yesterday & since it is fall, & I remembered baking & liking these before, I made these sweet little mini pumpkin cheesecakes. And, much like with those miniature size Halloween candy bars, I can tell myself that it’s ok if I have more than oneContinue Reading

Let me begin by saying that this recipe isn’t vegan (although I’m sure we could figure out how to alter the ingredients to make it so), or healthy, or sugar free, or fat free, or from scratch, or anything like that…but, it’s damn good none the less! Ingredients: 1 boxContinue Reading