Look at this photo above…beautiful fall leaves scattered on the ground and you can almost feel the crispness in the air, right? While it is officially fall, as of last Friday, September 22nd, it certainly doesn’t feel like it here in A2; the high reached 92 degrees here on September 22ndContinue Reading

We love to play board games and card games (although, admittedly, I can sometimes be a sore loser…Ryan has a story about a game of Monopoly in which I threw my paper money at him…) and I was happy to have enjoyed both over the holiday break; we even had fun playing some gamesContinue Reading

An approaching thunderstorm just looks more impressive when it’s sitting over the UM Law School, don’t you think? We enjoyed attending Nashbash 2014 in Kerrytown last week (BBQ, beer, and live music), a game of Ticket To Ride Europe – complete with Alvin and Dexter added to the game board, and our friends’ most adorable two-yearContinue Reading

It was a gorgeous day in Ann Arbor yesterday – we took advantage of it with a bike ride in town, a game of HORSE at our neighborhood park, and ended the day with bag toss in our yard and hamburgers on the grill. So nice to enjoy the sunshine!

We had perfect weather in Ann Arbor last weekend. It wasn’t hot and there was a cool breeze, blue skies, sunshine, and the fluffy, white clouds were lovely. We took advantage of the weather and enjoyed a game of mini golf with friends. Fun in the sun!