We enjoyed a fun weekend & some lovely spring weather! There’s a reason they say “April showers bring May flowers” - the world around us is finally, really turning green again; the trees, shrubs, & flowers are blooming &, most importantly for us, our garden is coming to life! The onions we planted several weeks ago haveContinue Reading

Winter can’t stop me from attempting to garden. With the help of “the sun” and oddly quite a few days of sun this winter we’ve been able to grow limes like a mo-fo. It looks like I have successfully tricked our lime tree, Captain Sunshine, into thinking that it isContinue Reading

We dragged ourselves out of bed early on a Saturday & headed over to Belleville to build a hoop house with a team of people (organized by Selma Cafe) for two separate farms – Stephanie & Joyce Phillips’ Family Farm & Kari Smith’s Black & Tan Farm – there yesterdayContinue Reading

We did some cleaning up in our patio garden today & I found lots of tomatillo pods that had fallen off of our hanging tomatillo plant. I thought they looked delicate & beautiful & I knew I had to snap a picture! And our friend Amy was kind of enoughContinue Reading

Behold, the fruits of our labor; harvested today, fresh from our very own garden – limes, herbs (basil, mint, & parsley), nasturtium, red onions, tomatoes, & peppers!

Ah, how far we’ve come… This is how our little garden began & this is how it looks today! We’ve really enjoyed growing our own herbs, fruits, & vegetables & Ryan has been great about keeping up the watering (which needs to be done almost daily to keep the tomatoesContinue Reading