Happy Halloween; wishing you a spooktacular day full of fun frights and sweet treats! Ryan carved these jack-o’-lanterns for us and we’ll be celebrating tonight by lighting them up and handing out candy to any brave trick-or-treaters who don’t let the cold, wind, rain (and maybe snow) keep them away.Continue Reading

This month has definitely flown by, and with Halloween this Wednesday, October will soon be gone. With Halloween in mind, here are some fun, creative, spooky, Halloween-appropriate items for your enjoyment: Spooked podcast - “Spooked features true-life supernatural stories, told firsthand by people who can barely believe it happened themselves. BeContinue Reading

Pictured above are some of our Halloween costumes from past years. We plan on having a low-key Halloween this year, just Ryan, Maddy, and I at home by our fire with a Halloween movie marathon on the TV and plenty of delicious treats to enjoy. Below are some holiday-themed itemsContinue Reading

Halloween is almost here and with the holiday ahead in mind, here are some Halloween-themed goodies for your enjoyment: One of my favorite Halloween movies! - The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (1949 Cartoon) The 24 Best Halloween Films on Netflix Remember the rules… Have you seen David S. Pumpkins? There areContinue Reading

Halloween is now just two days away. If you’re looking for costume ideas and you suddenly find yourself in need of one (D’oh!), never fear…there are plenty of creative and fun, DIY options out there; take a look at these art history-inspired costumes, for example. I am lucky to be married toContinue Reading

Happy Halloween!!! Just a few fun things, for your holiday enjoyment: Halloween tunes TCM Halloween Movie Marathon Pumpkin alternatives DIY candy corn