I’m not going to lie, when I looked out the window on several occasions on Sunday and saw that it was snowing…yes, snowing…on May 15th…I wasn’t a happy camper. Spring? (#winterainteasy) But, despite the cold, rainy weather we had here all weekend, there were some nice things to appreciate – like napping, lilacsContinue Reading

It’s that magical time of year in A2 where the University has commenced with commencement, it’s really starting to feel like summer, and we planted most of our garden over the weekend too! We filled our pots and garden boxes with a variety of tomatoes, peppers, flowers, and herbs; I even treatedContinue Reading

To my delight, our house came with two beautiful lilac bushes in the backyard – 1 white & 1 pale purple – which I’d never seen bloom until this spring as they’d already bloomed & gone before we moved in last June. I just cut some & put them inContinue Reading