Our weekend was full of yard work, house cleaning, gardening (I pulled lots of green beans, tomatoes, onions, and some jalapeno and red peppers – enough to fill up a large colander), and bowling with friends. I have really enjoyed putting together mini flower arrangements in the house with things from our gardenContinue Reading

This is loosely based on the Mexican soup pozole (it is important to note that no humans were harmed in the making of this soup). Ryan grew up going to friends’ houses where this would be on the stove all day long and after a night of drinking this spicy soup,Continue Reading

We were planning on what to make for brunch recently and as I was pouring through cookbooks and looking online for inspiration I came across a frittata recipe which sounded promising. As we’ve never made a frittata before, and Ryan does love a challenge, that’s exactly what we decided toContinue Reading

A few years ago I decided to buy a book on tamales because I was disappointed by the tamale selection here in Southeast Michigan. That is not to say that there are no places to find tamales, and even some good ones, they just aren’t as good as they canContinue Reading

A while back ago I made a post about the Rick Bayless taco sauces. At that time I had made it a goal to try to replicate them by making the sauce myself. Since posting about them I’ve had several successful attempts at replicating some of the sauces, but dueContinue Reading

The Simpson’s Comic Book Guy is perhaps one of my favorite critics on television. While I often channel his voice to express my disgust of things (“Worst post about a Mexican food product ever”) I rarely channel his witty sarcasm for good things, and then I remembered this proclamation inContinue Reading

I wanted some rice to make tacos with our leftover  seitan con mole, but was a bit uninspired to cook just plain white rice. While perusing the Mexican food section of Busch’s for some tortillas today I saw something called Fiesta rice. I actually don’t know what Fiesta rice really is,Continue Reading

I cook a lot, so as one of my colleagues whose husband also cooks a lot noted, cooking isn’t something that is necessarily a special occasion. But for Valentine’s Day I usually try to up my game and make something that I have never made or try to experiment byContinue Reading

Val loves potatoes; I like them a lot too. I wanted to make them more than just plain potatoes, so with that our side dish for our Valentine’s day feast was born. Note that in the photo here, the potatoes are underneath our Mole Rojo con Seitan. Ingredients: 2 bakingContinue Reading