It’s that magical time of year in A2 where the University has commenced with commencement, it’s really starting to feel like summer, and we planted most of our garden over the weekend too! We filled our pots and garden boxes with a variety of tomatoes, peppers, flowers, and herbs; I even treatedContinue Reading

We had a belated Cinco de Mayo party on Saturday & it was the first big party we’ve had in our new home; it was so fun to have everyone here together. And thanks to Jason & Allison for bringing the piñata – it was (literally) a big hit! Fajitas,Continue Reading

We celebrated Averie’s first birthday with a party last weekend at the lovely home of Ralph & Suzanne & all had a wonderful time! It was great to see & spend time with so many friends & to watch Averie very daintily take apart her first birthday cake; like theContinue Reading

Months ago, our friend Michael shared a dream with us…to make & eat a dessert version of a Turducken which he named a Coopieke. A Coopieke is a cookie inside of a pie inside of a cake. Michael celebrated his birthday with us last weekend and thus the dream wasContinue Reading

Ezra Leonard Mankouche (a.k.a. Momo) arrived early & attended his own baby shower – he’s healthy, handsome, so adorably tiny, & perfect! The shower was held at the lovely Pot & Box & hosted by several of Abigail’s equally lovely friends. Shower guests brought a dish to share & it was quiteContinue Reading

Ryan & I had a wonderful anniversary party on Saturday, January 15th to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary with our friends & it was a blast! Although we were both (& are both still) on antibiotics for a sinus infection, we had a great time dancing & laughing with someContinue Reading