We’re always looking for good recipes and if it’s something that’s quick and easy to make that’s even better. When we came across this recipe for Crispy Sheet Pan Gnocchi and Veggies and tried it for ourselves, it did not disappoint. Quick…check. Easy…check. Delicious…check, check! I never would have thoughtContinue Reading

Maddy’s antics never cease to amuse us (and, let’s be honest, sometimes drive us crazy); the image above is of one of her rubber squeaker toys which she’s dropped into the toilet all by herself – we fished it out and properly cleaned it off…but it did give us a good laugh!Continue Reading

We decided to make some soup to warm us up from the cold weather that finally arrived. So I made  a spin on a classic, spaghetti-os. It is a simple roasted tomato & red pepper soup with circle shaped pasta, anelli, added to it. ingredients: 1 package of anelli pasta (or any otherContinue Reading

Things I love: My husband (who makes me lattes). Roos Roast Lobster Butter Love in my lattes. Saturday mornings at home. Thunderstorms. Garden flowers. Pasta for dinner (with fresh-cut garden basil on top). My cutie pup (who looks extra cute here in her Texas Tech collar begging for crackers).

I am enjoying every minute of this joyous holiday season – holiday parties & get-togethers, delicious food & drink, & happy memories! We put together this “Christmas fettuccine” for a potluck & it was easy with only a few ingredients; I think it looks very festive with its red & greenContinue Reading

So I don’t know exactly what awesome sauce is; I first heard it the phrase while watching a video of a laser cutter playing the theme song to Super Mario Bros. That was definitely awesome. When Val tasted the sauce, it set her mouth ablaze with spiciness and flavor, andContinue Reading

When we first moved here one of Val’s colleagues had us over for dinner and we ate a dish they called the Fraumann Special. At its basic it is garlic and spinach sauteed in olive oil, fettucini, and sun-dried tomatoes tossed together. Val had a hankering for it lately, butContinue Reading