In our house there is definitely a strong love of ice cream/sorbet. One of our favorite local places to go is Blank Slate and they recently had apple cider sorbet on their menu which inspired us to make our own, homemade apple cider sorbet. We looked up recipes online beforeContinue Reading

We decided to make Maddy some homemade dog treats, following this recipe, today and she seems to love them. It wasn’t difficult and went pretty quickly (the most difficult/time consuming step was getting the treats to come neatly out of the cookie cutters and onto the tray without breaking) andContinue Reading

So last week the special dinner at one of the local vegetarian restaurants, Seva, was tempeh joes. Since having one last week I’ve had the craving for another and since it was a weekly special I needed to make one for myself. It’s pretty simple so here it is: 1Continue Reading