Ryan has always been a fan of the meatball sub, but since I don’t eat much meat at all (and what I do eat I’m very picky about) I was really excited to try making these vegan meatballs. They were delicious and did not disappoint! As you have to cookContinue Reading

The nice thing about living where there is a good amount of vegetarian and vegan folks is that there is often a decent selection of pre-made meat substitutes. Here in A2 it is easy to find Mama MoFoods seitan and yesterday while we were shopping at Whole Foods the ownerContinue Reading

In January 2001, Ryan & I enjoyed a fabulous honeymoon in California; we visited Sonoma & Napa Valley, as well as Bodega Bay, & had an amazing time. One of my favorite memories of our trip was when we visited the Benziger Winery & enjoyed a delicious picnic there, alongContinue Reading