It is a glorious day out and my “little lime” hydrangeas are blooming! Also, more ripe tomatoes to pick and enjoy. And a fun walk to the park with this cute little girl who has the most beautiful blue eyes, blond curls, and sweetly answers “yeah” so matter-of-factly in theContinue Reading

This is loosely based on the Mexican soup pozoleĀ (it is important to note that no humans were harmed in the making of this soup). Ryan grew up going to friends’ houses where this would be on the stove all day long and after a night of drinking this spicy soup,Continue Reading

We’ve made some version of this many times before, but last weekend Ryan threw together a delicious version of this – adding his own variations of course – with a variety of tomatoes that came fresh from our garden & our friends’ Amanda & Andy’s garden as well. He addedContinue Reading

Admittedly, we’ve been a little busy with our new house & have neglected our garden this year compared to past years. But, we’ve still had the good fortune of enjoying some fresh herbs & vegetables. Just look at these beauties we harvested from our garden…

So I don’t know exactly what awesome sauce is; I first heard it the phrase while watching a video of a laser cutter playing the theme song to Super Mario Bros. That was definitely awesome. When Val tasted the sauce, it set her mouth ablaze with spiciness and flavor, andContinue Reading

There’s this fabulous recipe (it’s almost like this one I’ve linked to here) for spicy Tomato Tortilla Soup that we use from Bobby Flay’s Bold American Food cookbook that I can’t get enough of & since it’s a cool, rainy day here in lovely Ann Arbor, MI, I thought itContinue Reading